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Neenah Paper

3G JET-OPAQUE® Heat Transfer Paper / For Dark Fabric

3G JET-OPAQUE® Heat Transfer Paper / For Dark Fabric

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Neenah 3G Jet Opaque Neenah 3G Jet Opaque is a heat transfer paper that is printable by most desktop and roll-fed inkjet printers. 3G Jet Opaque heat transfer paper is easy to use for printing inkjet photo-quality images or other graphics that you may apply to dark color materials/garments. 3G Jet Opaque offers a soft, supple transferred image that is vibrant and durable with a soft hand feel. This heat transfer paper will withstand many laundry cycles which is great for you and your garments! This heat transfer paper can be plot cut or trimmed as well making it easier to cut using your cutter/plotter. Made for inkjet printers Thinner paper provided a softer hand Thinner paper than Jet Opaque II Will last 25-30 washes with proper washing.

Printers Supported: Compatible with most desk top inkjet printers.

This item comes with instructions on application!

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