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Siser Easyweed Sub Block (White)

Siser Easyweed Sub Block (White)

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Decorating sublimated jerseys limits the material types you can apply. Standard heat transfer vinyl will change color as the color in the garment migrates through the design. EasyWeed Sub Block is specially formulated to block all dye migration and leave you with an awesome looking jersey! Even through wash after wash the color stays vibrant and undisturbed. EasyWeed Sub Block is ideal for the popular digital camo and motocross jerseys!
EasyWeed Sub Block is CPSIA Certified, so it’s perfect for decorating children’s clothing and accessories.
​Specifications: PU Composition 
• Pressure sensitive backing 
• Semi-gloss finish 
• 90 Microns/3.5 Mils 
• 45°/60° blade 
​• Can be layered

PLEASE NOTE! Colors may differ based on your digital screen color range. We recommend purchasing a Color Chart showing actual vinyl colors.

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