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GLE-1490 Tran Green

GLE-1490 Tran Green

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A high gloss multi-purpose ink designed for long term outdoor application. Ideal for exterior traffic signs, POP/displays, treated (P&P) containers.


Thinning: May be used straight from the can but it is HIGHLY recommended to thin 5% by weight with GLE-1800 Thinner. When more than 5% thinning is required, it is recommended to use GLE-1900 Thinning Varnish to maintain optimum gloss. For maximum lightfastness or outdoor durability, little or no thinning is recommended.

Additives: GLE-1700 Clear should only be used to increase transparency of colors. However, this will reduce the durability and lightfastness of the color. Use a small amount of GLE-1730 Process Clear ink to improve print quality, if required. To prevent ink skinning in can, spray a light mist of GLE-1950 Anti-Skinning Agent on the surface of ink in partially used cans. Repeat whenever ink can is opened for reuse.

Wash-Up: GLE-1800 Thinner, GLE-1840 Wash-Up

Coverage: Approximately 1800 sq. ft./1 U.S. Gallon using a 280/in. monofilament fabric.

Fabric/Stencil: 158 to 280 monofilament fabric. All stencil systems are suitable.

Drying: By oxidation in approximately 1 ½ to 4 hours for over printing or overnight before final stacking. Best rack-drying results are obtained when an ambient temperature is more than 20 °C (68 °F). Prints may be forced dried 15-20 min. in an oven with temperature not exceeding 120 °C (250 °F). Baking at temperatures higher than recommended may cause loss of gloss. To speed drying time under adverse humid or cold weather conditions, add approximately 40-50 grams of GLE-1880 Accelerator to a gallon of ink.

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